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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 12:37 am    Post subject: Planetary Missions...

These follow along in pretty much the same path that the weekly Odessen missions did. There is a bit more latitude in how many you need to get the bonus, which is nice.

Below I will try to paste my current stats for the Black Hole:



    Black Hole (5) 450  $                    -      
  a Glow 25  $          14,220    
  a No Trace Left 25  $          14,220    
    Hypermatter Directive 25  $          14,220    
  a Control the Battlefield 25  $          14,220    
  a Asset Liguidation (Area) 25  $          14,220    
Bonus   The End of Torvix (H2+) 0  $                    -   25  $  25,596
    [Weekly] 0  $                    -   25  $  31,995
    totals 575  $          71,100    

The formatting doesn't follow -but what you can see is you only need 5 quests to get the 450 bonus CPs (Command Points). Each quest yields an additional 25 CPs each as well. Oh, as a side-note the additional 5 CPs comes from using the "Booster" you can buy off the Cartel Market. I skipped the Weekly (The End of Torvix) which is off to the right and not tallied in the total.

In the end this yielded a total of 575 CPs and $71,100 credits for about 30 minutes effort.

p.s.; the "a" are embedded check marks in the excel spreadsheet.



PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:52 pm    Post subject: Knights of the Eternal Throne...

When I first looked into the pre-release patch notes for KotET (a.k.a.; rel5.0), the very first thing I thought was why would they (Bio) eliminated the current gear path?

Obviously, it wasn't a great path -but it was at least set. Now it looks like a dice roll and a crappy one at that.

After spending a little time looking into one of it's branches (which I'll go into detail on my next post), I may have been mistaken -time will tell.



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