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re: the flow of things...


Often, during the course of a MMORPG (re: game), interest and participation will wane, is merely the nature of things.

During the course of a guild's life-cycle, the guild's style may also change, depending on what the objective is at any given moment. These events often portray the attitude of the guild (as reflected by it's members), which may not be exactly what the guild's founders (or senior officers) had in mind.

Nextus is a sum of it's members, in it's attitude and how we are perceived by others in the game. Each of us effectively carry a banner, which represents this guild.

I like to tell members, if this were your guild, how would you wish for your members to represent you.

If we are a laid-back, social-leveling guild and yet never help anyone who asks for help, is that really how we want to be viewed?


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re: the flow of things...


I always try to be nice to everyone i meet both in game and out. I go by the old saying "treat others as you would want to be treated".  

If sometimes I seem a little rash, either BP is really high or someone ticked me off to no end, and for that, i am sorry.

I agree that the way we communicate with others outside the guild represents the guild as a whole. I like to seem laid-back but lord knows that i am working so hard behind the scenes that a lot of people don't see. (that goes for both in game and RL) and most of the people i have met, especially n the guild are the same way. You guys are always so nice and helpful.

One of the things that helps with too is that bond that the guild shares. I just wish that i could help more people. But that is my flaw.  


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