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re: The Journal...of Zul'ender...


Zul, the end of the family legacy, the thirteen in the line of characters. My intent in expanding past the standard cap of 12 was to break away from the guild initially, but it didn't work out that way. Coming out of the box with the x12 bonus running changed my approach this time since you quickly outpace the planetary story-lines as you chase the big rewards for the class bonus.

You have to be cautious, in that if you don't keep pace with your gear upgrades you will start to run into trouble around level 25, such as the fights become fairly difficult (depending on class). The infrastructure that I have in place covers pretty much all I need up to level 50 before I run into material (matts) issues.

This time I pretty much figured I'd just run greens (mods) most of the way to cut down on the costs, and wait until later to start the augmentations. Choosing which gear set to run is probably the most difficult choice to make at level-10, in my case I lucked out by pulling a rather sporty set from the last crate series, which I fancied would go well with a Sith Lightning Sorceress (still pending Deb's opinion).

She hit 33 last night, and is running just a tad behind the optimum average item rating (air-score) for her level. At this point I don't see them as an easy solo-class, the mechanics are difficult and the timings are a bit tricky to keep track of, although they do offer good survivability with the help of a bubble and 3 heals.


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